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Decades of successful editing and publishing experience distinguish the U.S.-based team of highly-qualified scholars and editors. The team represents an unusually broad spectrum of academic disciplines and countless successful submissions. We know the ropes. We are user friendly and cost effective. Most of all, we love to help!

We understand that some things are guaranteed to make you sweat. To name a few:

  1. Finalizing a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation,
  2. Producing a scholarly article for journal publication,
  3. Submitting a student essay for college admission, and
  4. Going to print with a formal document that represents the philosophy and position of your institution.

That’s why we created to turn down the heat on you and to increase your chances of success!

We turn your manuscript into a flawless English-language document that meets the most rigorous academic and industry standards for publishing.

And we do it on time!

Why The acronym W.H.Y. says it all: We Help You.

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